Celtic symbolism, literary references, Irish folklore and native traditions are interpreted spatially to create a dynamic 21st century Arts Centre. Notions of recirculation are investigated spatially within. Layers of activity are depicted and represent the simultaneity of time. The past, present and future of a culturally and intellectually rich region flow through the building and all of West Cork. Within the building, a region’s proud history is reflected, the present day zeitgeist is captured and a promising future is portended. The building evokes the cultural identity of the Art forms of West Cork. Conceived as a field of interconnected strands of activity, the building components intertwine to create a unified whole. The network extends from the site permeating the town and all of West Cork. The building, central to the activity of Skibbereen, is derived from the forces of the site. The building expresses the life and movement of the town. Pedestrian traffic flow, view orientations and sensitivity to scale all combine to create the form of the building.  The dense building intertwines around a central outdoor courtyard. The scheme, woven into the fabric of the town, has a strong presence without overpowering the scale of the neighboring buildings. The shimmering skin of the building is lit from within; the building serves as a beacon for the Arts.

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