The scope of work consists of a new 13,317 sq ft residential building on a 9,000 sq ft lot. The 4-story building contains 14 living units (12 flats and 2 townhomes). One level of subterranean parking is provided consisting of 20 spaces (including 1 ADA space).The building contains two affordable units and the building takes advantage of the affordable housing incentive allowing for an additional 10’ in height and one additional story.


West Hollywood, CA


14 Unit Multifamily Housing


13,317 sq ft


In Development


Transatlantic, LLC

The massing of the project is divided into two separate volumes breaking up the scale of the building resulting in a courtyard for the residents. The project offers more than the required outdoor common area, a roof top terrace is provided.The building makes use of a pre-cast panel façade system (facing the street). A local artist / fabricator will be engaged to produce the piece (qualifying for the percent for art requirement). The articulated surfaces of the concrete façade consist of a series of subtle, undulating surfaces. The building conforms to the cities green building program exceeding the requirements (with 63 points). The landscape is a thoughtful palette of drought tolerant, low maintenance plantings.

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