Stillness, Joshua Tree is a multi-use facility devoted to awareness.  Located on an 83+ acre parcel adjacent to Joshua Tree National Park. The destination is an environment of serenity and exploration that offers an experience which enhances reflection and awareness through architecture, art, and nature. The goals of the project are to provide, 1) the general public with a visceral experience of presence, mindfulness and healing. 2) Artists with a proper platform to explore and present work at the intersection of consciousness and art and 3) Wellness Practitioners with a unique space to administer their teachings.


Joshua Tree, CA


Desert Temple

Wellness Center


15,000 sq ft


In Development


AIA LA Next LA Award

The project is conceived as a journey of awareness, the spaces are configured within the desert earthwork. A variety of galleries (spaces for curated experiences that use art and programming to further explore and uplift the human spirit.) offer optimal flexibility. A series of thoroughfares connect the galleries and provide a myriad of experiences to the visitor. Ultimately the experience culminates with the arrival at the grand hall “temple”. A place for secular worship, stillness, and contemplation. The 10,000 square foot space serves as the hub of the facility and is encompassed by a large sunken desert garden. This exterior space is carved out of the landscape, the bowl embraces and protects the programmed spaces. The Center aims to engage the human spirit and create a journey that provides a backdrop for the visitor to experience stillness, harmony and the expansion of one’s consciousness.

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