A roof top outdoor room was created using a structural aluminum framing system. The post-and-beam structure is made of off the shelf T slot machined aluminum extrusions. The kit of parts serves as an armature for the solar array canopy. This model uses 14 photovoltaic panels and provides 4 kW of power. The system provides more than enough energy to power the residence on site. Additional power goes back into the city power grid. The structure allows for a shaded deck area and frames views of the city.   The solar pavilion is made to order at various sizes and configurations. Optimum flexibility allows for multiple site configurations. The outdoor room can serve a variety of functions while operating as a machine for the production of energy. Rebate incentives together with the use of the prefabricated aluminum system make the system affordable to many homeowners. The solar pavilion will pay for itself over the course of several years time.   The solar pavilion took 1 year for research, development and to obtain approvals from the building department. The system can be customized to meet individual client's needs.


Los Angeles, CA


Solar Canopy


200 sq ft


Completed 2008


Hugh MacDonald

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