Echo Park, CA

Five single-family residences are crafted from a 7,500 square foot lot in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. The small lot subdivision typology allows for greater density, enabling more housing for our city. The design of the homes is contextual and respects the scale and character of the neighborhood. The townhomes are 2,500 square feet each. The three-story residences cascade down the severe hillside site. A pronounced entry porch greets the street and makes a connection with the neighborhood. Large windows are used throughout to maximize views of the surrounding hillside landscape and frame vistas of the downtown Los Angeles skyline. The building materials consist of cement fiberboard cladding, metal siding and smooth plaster, extruded window frames complete the composition. The building is highly sustainable, solar photovoltaics provide power for the residents, energy efficient building systems and environmentally friendly materials compliment the architecture.

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