he 3,500 sq.ft. residence occupies a tight corner lot along the Boardwalk in Venice, California. The site is only 25’ x 100’ and is located on a very public walk street.  The design investigates the interplay between public and private with the ultimate goal of keeping the residence as open as possible while, simultaneously, retaining some semblance of privacy. The public aspect is resolved through the degree of transparency built into the design since, when desired, the house is intended for the public and the residents to both be on display—to see and to be seen.  The fully glazed southwest façade allows unobstructed views of the ocean early in the morning and in the evening. Throughout the day, one can observe the best that Venice beach life has to offer.  


Venice Beach, CA


Single Family Residence


4,200 sq ft


Completed 2015


AIA Home Tour


Brian Noteware, Structural

The entrance is a double-height atrium space. The building has a heavy concrete base—visually anchoring it to the site—with a matte foundation. Three steel moment frames provide the primary structural framework and also allow full transparency at the ocean side of the residence. An interior wall diagonally bisects the narrow building longitudinally on an angle, creating a forced perspective, opening the 20’ wide by 90’ long space so it’s a wider space toward the Pacific Ocean, giving the illusion of a much larger interior  area. The utilities are contained within the service core. The south elevation is highly visible from the public right of way to the beach. The long façade is divided into three distinct zones. Durable, weather-resistant materials consisting of zinc, cement fiberboard and plaster cover the surface. A rooftop deck provides panoramic views of the coast. A solar canopy, rooftop garden and other sustainable building systems and materials are integral to the design.

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