The project is an Urban Infill project located in the midst of the North Hollywood Arts District. The building is an integral component of the Revitalization of the Arts District. The new building will replace the burnt out manufacturing building that once occupied the barren Burbank Boulevard lot.
Eight individual industrial suites make up the 9,985 sq ft building. The building is located at the North edge of the site, restoring the urban streetscape along the boulevard. A parking area that doubles as a garden and infiltration area is located to the south.


Los Angeles, CA





9,985 sq ft


Completed 2015


MMC Engineers

The saw tooth roof defines the form of the building and references the great manufacturing building typology of another era. Rising to the North, the building maintains an impressive presence along the urban corridor. The building’s height is reduced to the south respecting the scale and character of the adjacent residential neighborhood. The units offer endless possibilities, zoned F1, the flexible units can accommodate many business activities.

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