Los Angeles, CA


Progressive Architecture Award


Nodul(ar) house integrates new processes and manufacturing technologies with two long-established concepts - prefabrication and the modular. Prefabrication - utilized as early as 1851 with Paxton’s Crystal Palace and notably with Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion house - are but two examples of experimentation within a field that has intrigued architects, urban planners and other modernists for decades. Nodul(ar) house takes the modular into “nodal” form driven by parameters of performance and technology.


Modularization continues to gain prominence and yield insight in numerous fields including code based systems, nanotechnology, urban organization, and subatomic particle analysis amongst many other contemporary scientific fields. While Corbusier’s investigations of the modular looked to the perfection of systems found within nature, nodul(ar) looks  to the node for technical integrity, balance, circulation, and symmetry.

Nodul(ar) house exploits the derivation of variability and adaptability possible from well harnessed technological systems while maintaining the efficiency and economics that uniformity yields.

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