The design for Nodul(ar) house integrates new processes and manufacturing technologies with two long-established concepts—prefabrication and the modular. Nodul(ar) house translates the modular into “nodal” form driven by parameters of performance and technology. The hybrid residence makes use of a series of prefabricated utility nodes. These nodes attach to a prefabricated home system that utilizes high performance aluminum extrusions with various infill panels.  The homes are rectilinear in shape, and a series of self-contained utility pieces, primarily circular in form, are available and include configurations of bathrooms, kitchens, and stair towers. The pieces are fully realized in a factory and affixed to the foundations on site. The system is a series of shared parts.  A central connector spine contains utilities that include plumbing, electrical, and venting. Attached is an inner liner molded to the function of the node and protected by an outer cylindrical shell. Insulation is sandwiched between the two layers. 


Los Angeles, CA


Single Family Residential


3,200 sq ft


In Development


Progressive Architecture Award

Published, Architect Magazine

The nodes share common footprints and the units are stackable, allowing for flexibility and customization. The pieces are in development and will be fabricated using environmentally responsible fiberglass with the necessary protective coatings. The design of the Nodul(ar) house exploits the benefits of variability and adaptability made possible by well-harnessed technological systems, while at the same time maintaining the efficiency and economics that result from uniformity.

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