The Project site is in a highly urbanized area. Surrounded by a mix of residential, commercial, industrial, and open space land uses, the 17.32-acre site consists of Veterans Memorial Park and a vacant lot. Demographic goals cater primarily to college-educated Latino and southeast LA born/raised individuals and families who wish to live in Southeast LA and honor their cultural memories and heritage instead of choosing a “whitewashed” existence in traditional Metro LA suburbs. The entertainment/retail components of the Project consist of two structures located along the north and east edges of the site. The Project includes a total of 175,000 square feet of commercial spaces. The new structures proposed as part of the new Veterans Memorial Park include a Community Center, sports structure, youth sports field complex and public open area. 850 residential units are split into several structures of varying heights on the western portion of the Project site.


Commerce, CA


Urban / Master Plan


17.3 Acre


In Development


Westside Urban Forum Design Award


Comstock Realty Partners

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