The accessory dwelling unit offers Los Angeles a means to increase density within our neighborhoods. The mid-city lot is comprised of a park-like setting. The15,000 sq ft lot is unique in that a tributary of the Ballona Creek runs through the site. The new dwelling is situated at the back of the lot, opposite the main house and separated by the creek. The new detached residential dwelling is 1,200 sq ft of living space. The open plan consists of the main living area with living room, kitchen and dining. The space has a soaring ceiling clad with cedar planks that extends to the outdoors via a sliding wall of glass. The exterior deck and pool is protected from the strong Los Angeles sun with the aid of an oversized roof. The massive eave is supported by a steel moment frame at the window wall and by strategically placed slender round pipe columns. The columns are places at the perimeter of the deck in the form of a V to minimize impact.


Los Angeles, CA


Accessory Dwelling Unit


1,800 sq ft


Completed 2020




Kim + Associates, Structural

Obando & Associates, Inc, Civil

Tso Construction, Inc

A bedroom, bath and spa (sauna, shower and changing room) complete the interior. The water elements are integral to the building. The jacuzzi spa is located at the upper deck and cascades down to the lower body of water that doubles as a swimmers pool. The series of outdoor rooms are defined by the various bodies of water and the presence of the roof. An oculus penetrates the overhang making one aware of the sun’s impact throughout the day and at various times of the year.

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