Los Angeles, CA


Calibre Award

Interior Design Magazine Best of Year Award

Cover Feature, Interior Design Magazine

Cover Feature, Los Angeles Architecture+Design

The 1400 sq.ft. dwelling is located in an existing warehouse building in downtown Los Angeles. The live-work environment was designed for a creative professional. Two distinct entities are evident in the design. The angular geometry of the faceted stone-clad monolith stands in contrast to the free-flowing organic elliptical-shaped room. Through these two pieces a dialogue begins to emerge. Harmony and conflict co-exist within the dwelling. Technology is used to control the environment as well as to design and fabricate the space. The building materials  were chosen for their ability to absorb or reflect the ever-changing color palette of the light. The raised flooring transforms into the lounge seating area and the desk of the workstation. A spa area is provided with a stylized garden and a floating steel fireplace. Undulating curved walls form the womb-like enclosure that serves as the kitchen. The skin of the elliptical-shaped room tears away revealing the bathroom concealed beyond. It is here where the overhead cantilevered stone appendage penetrates the embryonic form. The two distinct entities complement, contrast, and violate one another as they coalesce into one.

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