The residence is located within a heavily wooded site in the Hollywood Hills. The secluded lot is located in the eclectic neighborhood of Nichols Canyon, minutes from the Hollywood Strip. The project falls under the jurisdiction of the Mullholland Scenic Parkway Specific Plan and as such the building has minimal impact on the site. 


Los Angeles, CA


5,000 sq ft


Completed 2018


American Architecture Award

Cover, Interior Design Magazine

Published, Dezeen




Salt Air, Contractors

MMC, Structural

Obrado, Engineers

A layering of building strategies is used to create the 3,500 square foot residence inspired by the strata of the mountainous surroundings.The base is a monolithic form rendered in an exposed, reinforced, board-formed concrete. The main living level opens to the gardens and to the views. The façade of glass allows for optimal transparency and is protected with a layer of screens that allow for sun protection and privacy. A faceted volume comprises the top level and contains the private functions of the home. The floating mass is shaped by the constraints of the site and punctuated by series of openings that frame specific views.

The residence is located within the Mullholland Scenic Parkway Specific Plan and as such the building has minimal impact on the site. Strategically situated to be hidden from view but at the same time designed to maximize views from within. The home is environmentally sound employing both active and passive strategies. Sited to optimize airflow, the partially subterranean building reduces heat gain through its thermal mass and exposure to the sun.

Other strategies used include photovoltaics for power, a solar hydronic system for the heating of water. State of the art green technologies, materials and building systems are used throughout. The form of the building optimizes airflow, natural light and sun protection. The landscape is drought tolerant, including native species that compliments the existing palette of mature pines, eucalyptus and indigenous plants. 

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