United States/Mexico Border

Hinge Points seeks to rethink the 650-mile border that divides the U.S. and Mexico. We propose an active border that supports legal and safe immigration control. The new border is both a barrier and a means of engagement. Hinge Points are strategically located in multiple locations along the border and provide various paths to citizenship within a new economic/cultural hub.

Hinge Points’ enable a mutual exchange where multiple cultures come together. The activity zones are opportunities for economic and social development. Contained within each “Hinge” are multiple networks that connect and transition migrants. Programs related to citizenship include U.S. customs and border division, health and social services, educational and community areas, dining, housing, etc.

The Hinge also serves as a place for shared interaction where opportunities for interpersonal cultural exchange, diplomacy, and commerce all coexist. The architecture is a filter — a welcoming, flexible, and porous construct that transitions migrants seeking a better way of life while simultaneously creating a new hybrid border wall paradigm.

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