A+D Museum,-DTLA, CA


Interior Design Best of Year Award

Published, Interior Design Magazine

Doppelgängers is a critical reminiscence on multiple projects from Patrick Tighe Architecture. This revisiting pulls the initial inspiration for each project back to the focal point. 


Often, the entanglement of architectural legislation and urgency of schedule dilutes the DNA of design. The exhibition returns to the architectural inception - the idea, the quote, the character or quirk that ignited each project. The drawings extract the essence of each project, whether a bold statement of form or an ethereal association. The work displayed results in an honest exposition of conceptual identity. 


The work situates each project firmly in theory and context but becomes a fluid discussion of both their formal and figurative existence. Collage, be it digital or physical, has been utilized as a tool to coalesce and catalyze the intentions. By layering material, the amalgamation of concept, context, and construction reinvigorate the architecture.


The drawings are accompanied by a physical construct of the concept's actuality. This provides a referential grounding for each to become legible according to its own architectural doppelgänger. 

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