Venice, Italy


Published, Interior Design Magazine

L’apertura _ 7 windows for Venice is an installation for the 15th International Architecture Exhibition for the Venice Biennale. The installation is part of the exhibition entitled “Time Space Existence” held in the European Cultural Centre, at Palazzo Mora.


A series of reliefs, (20” wide by 40” tall by 6” deep) hang on a wall in the Palazzo. The reliefs are smooth, simple undulating surfaces of white. Derived form the digital, each opening is a framed view of a drawing contained within. The drawings depict a deeper understanding of the relief.

Lines are etched on sheets of brushed aluminum. The drawings are a representation of the topography of the sensual form of the relief, revealing layer upon layer of the surrounding undulating surfaces. The surfaces pleat, bunch and peel creating smaller openings within larger holes. The series questions the convention of the window and encourages new ways of looking. The 3d relief is reflected in the drawing questioning ways in which we see and are seen.

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