Our firm was founded on the belief that architecture has the capacity to help shape one’s experience in and of this world. Not only the experience of ones immediate surroundings but also the experience of the larger context surrounding each and every project.

It is through this experience, that perceptions are altered, building types are re-evaluated and new ways of building and seeing are provided. Our projects, big or small, public or private, for the rich or for the underserved all engage the public in a meaningful way and leave a lasting impression.

Our process involves extensive research and analysis. It is here where new technologies, new fabrication methods, new means of construction and new materials are interrogated. The context from which each project is situated is essential to the development of the work. Context is fully explored, uncovering the existing and potential conditions as well as the conflict and cohesion imbedded within. It is through the process of exposing and analyzing these complex relationships where new ones begin to emerge. The result is a very specific architecture that reflects the inherent conditions of each client, site, program and budget.

Continued growth is vital to our development. We are constantly re-evaluating and repositioning the work as the world around us changes. As a result, exploration, innovation and a never-ending inquiry are at the forefront of each and every problem presented to us.