Sochi, Russia




The Olympic Pavilion is being designed for the 2014 Olympic Games to be located in Sochi, Russia. The project, commissioned by the Russian Railway, draws upon the strength of the Railway and uses movement as a means of expression. The linear building spirals around a central exterior space  consisting of a fountain and frozen plaza used for ice-skating. The Interior circulation spine serves as an armature from which all program is linked and serves as a continuous exhibition space.  The exterior building cladding is a semi-transparent gradient of openings. The perforations pay homage to Russian folkloric patterning stemming from the arts such as handmade lace and embroidered fabrics.  Programmatically, the building includes reception areas, ticketing, café’s, private offices, ample restrooms, and service areas. The ramped spiral culminates with a multi-functional common area used for receptions. The grand hall frames a spectacular view of the mountainous surroundings and opens up to an exterior terrace that overlooks the Olympic Village. A grand exterior stair leads one back to the winter wonderland of the 2014 Olympic Games.

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