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Adobe Headquarters

San Jose, California, USA

Located within Adobe’s Headquarters in San Jose, California is the space for which we were asked to re-imagine the iconic Adobe logo. We were struck by the boldness, simplicity and strength of the trademark form. Above all, Adobe represents and facilitates creativity and their logo is a reflection of those roles.That immediately raised some questions for us to investigate. What would happen if we began to transform the triangular icon? What if we eliminated all the angles and softened the edges? What if a new complex geometry emerged from the primitive form?


Our interest in the interplay between the hard and soft led us to explore various methods through which this could be exploited. Through a series of digital manipulations, the angles, sharp edges and hard lines disappeared leaving the logo more pliant, malleable and soft. We opted to partially obscure the logo by burying it inside a network of lines. 100 blades of glass radiate from the central core, and nested within is the original logo. Now that the logo is less visible, the viewer is challenged to look more closely and allowed to see the brand in a new way.


Our desire was to create a piece that is more than a mere artifact. The interplay of light and shadow combine to create intriguing atmospheric effects. Within the Adobe Headquarters, where the Adobe brand is projected, the object takes on new layers of meaning. Multiple interpretations and “new ways of seeing” enhance the ways in which the Adobe brand are experienced.


Adobe,        Creativity,        Shining Through…..

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