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The Siam(eames) Twin Chair ushers the iconic, molded fiberglass chair designed by Ray and Charles Eames in 1957 into the 21st century. The once ubiquitous mass-produced chair is re-envisioned into a custom fabricated piece. In their work the Eames’ coupled the latest technologies with the use of new and innovative materials. The shell chair was a product of their comprehensive creative process typified by cross-pollination, borrowing fabrication techniques and materials from diverse disciplines. If Ray and Charles were alive today they would be exceedingly interested in the copious possibilities that result when emergent technologies are combined with the most advanced methods of fabrication.With the new reinterpreted version of the chair, technology is used to robotically emblazon a quintessential Eames pattern into the shell. The 6 axis robotic milling allows for a precise cut of the shells’ complex shape making it possible for the two to become one. The shells are mirrored along an axis and conjoined creating a bilaterally symmetric composition.The 21st century design inspires renewed appreciation for the original chair. When the curves of the chair are paired with the twin, the molded chair maintains its form while establishing a new relationship with the body (or bodies).

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