Through shaded alleys of silver birch, to stone windows of the sky above.


Amongst wooded steps of dappled sun to fragrant fields of wild flowers.

Along a pier of tranquil water, To a pause of silent reflection.

This memorial remembers a whole through the footsteps of an individual. A bold transect lays across the site, pulling visitors towards a place of solace above the pond. Along the path are moments of solitude, introspection and pockets of peace. Every path is personal, a meandering slope to the water’s edge or a child's skip through the summer flowers, we understand the need for total immersion in one’s own thoughts. 


Newtown, CT


Memorial / Park


5 Acres




Town of Newtown, CT


A carpark, entered from Riverside Road, is nestled between the warm cradle of native sycamore trees. Visitors will find themselves on a paved track with clear sight lines through the entire park, situating themselves with understated clarity. 


Silver birch trees line the entrance alley with a calming rhythm, their branches creating an enveloping canopy for the benches and cobblestone below. 


Perched on the plateau is a stone enclosure that wraps around the path. Deep walls hold visitors in a protective embrace as Northern sunlight floods through an oculus above. Look up to the sky for a moment of calm or down to where Newtown’s sacred soil holds the ground firm underfoot. 


Brush the pines that line the honorific stair or drift down the slope that follows the leafy terrain. 


A clearing; the meadow of wildflowers spreads either side of the path, rich in life, color and optimism. Cut across to the water or lose yourself on the playful, winding tracks of butterflies and roses. 


Stroll along the pier to the center of the lake, raised above the lilypads and reeds below. 


In the distance is a beacon, a slender, 40ft mirror that burns with the reflection of the sunset to the west. The totem splits the thick forest, leaving a slither of light, a window, to be filled with thought, reflection and memory. 

© Tighe Architecture 2020

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