Tunisia, Africa

This September, just under 1 ton of drawings and models left the LA studio and travelled east to Massachusetts before continuing their voyage to Tunisia, Africa. They formed ReDrawn, an exhibition that revisited 12 key projects from Tighe Architecture. The drawings returned to the architectural inception - the idea, the quote, the character or quirk that ignited each project and used collage to coalesce and catalyze ideas. The models provided a grounding for each drawing, allowing the images to become legible according to their architectural alter-ego. We were honored to present ReDrawn at Helms Gallery in LA, UMA Amherst in Massachussetts and Universite Tunis Carthage in Tunisia. While stationed in Tunis, we led an intensive 2 week workshop interrogating the notion of architectural skin and body. We're very excited to announce that 2018 will kick off with a brand new exhibition showing at a gallery in Chelsea, New York in early January. 

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