Santa Monica, CA

Pacific Link is a mixed-use 100% affordable housing project designed for people living on a limited income. Located on Lincoln Boulevard on a 14,160 square foot lot in Santa Monica. The project is being developed by a local non-profit developer. The 4 story, 28,230 square foot building will replace an existing gas station. Thirty-seven residential units are provided for families in need. The units are accessed from a central courtyard that serves as shared common space, the outdoor area accommodates a playground for the resident children. Commercial space, social services and resident amenities are located at the ground level. Parking is provided below grade (consisting of 8 residential spaces and 1 commercial space as required). Ample common spaces and resident amenities are located throughout the building and at the rooftop terrace. The building will attain LEED platinum status when complete.


The vehicular entry (driveway) is located off of Pacific Avenue. The new project will also allow for new street parking along Lincoln Boulevard and Pacific (approximately 10 new spaces).

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