The Ocean Park Shell is an installation for Santa Monica’s Clover Park. The folly serves as a backdrop for public performances as well as a place for intimate encounters. The form and materials of the piece are inspired by the sea. Iconic outdoor arenas serve as reference. Multiple interpretations can be conjured by the residents and visitors to the seaside community. The surface of the shell is a network of woven nylon thread.  Layers of transparency intimate a ghost-like enclosure over a steel-frame skeleton. The interplay of light and shadow add to the spatial depth of the folly in the landscape. Ocean breezes pass through the monofilament network activating the threads. The shell resonates with music. A pillow of recycled rubber is felt underfoot. The piece is a kit of parts prefabricated in a shop and assembled on site. The base is a steel plate ring. Four steel arches are dictated by computer generated templates. The arches affix to the base plate. Each arch is propped with a steel post. The armature is then woven with a network of nylon thread. Recycled rubber nuggets fill the steel tube ring at the base.​


Clover Park

Santa Monica, CA


Public Art Installation


Completed 2007


City of Santa Monica

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