North Hollywood, CA

The 15,000 square foot building consists of both warehouse and creative office suites. The corner lot is at the intersection of a residential neighborhood and a light industrial zone along Burbank Boulevard in the North Hollywood Arts District.


Optimum flexibility is offered within the building, Units can be combined in both plan and in section offering multiple configurations for the tenants.


A series of site constraints dictate the design of the building. The creative office bar is elevated off of the ground to accommodate the mandatory parking requirements at grade. The structural supports of the elevated volume navigate the parking layout. The lifted volume is also bent to satisfy the requirement of keeping the required distance from the adjacent residentially zoned buildings.


Simple building materials are used throughout. The units located at the street level make use of heavier building materials consisting of masonry walls, exposed concrete slabs, also used are exposed steel frames, wood framing and large roll up doors. The elevated bar building is constructed using lighter building materials. The volume is a steel frame structure with large window openings, wrapped in corrugated steel siding.

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