The project is a design proposal is for a new addition (annex) to the National Museum of Finland. Located in the heart of Helsinki, the scheme for the new museum is located within the existing courtyard garden of the National Museum grounds. The semi subterranean scheme maximizes outdoor garden space while at the same time offers an iconic urban gesture along the Mannerheimintie. 


Helsinki, Finland




64,530 sq ft


Shortlisted, 2019


National Museum of Finland


EON Architects

The ground plane is lifted to maximize the landscape. The earthwork allows for multiple outdoor venues. The raised garden provides visual access of the surrounding city and to the harbor beyond. The building rooftop serves as public open greenspace. The exhibition galleries are located below grade, washed in northern light from the clerestory windows above, the galleries are flexible venues that can be used for a variety of functions. A floating transparent volume gives the museum an iconic presence. It is here where the public functions are situated including the entry, restaurants and galleries. The highly visible exterior surfaces allow for various installation possibilities using technologically advanced materials and projection capabilities.The design of the project is a study in counterpoints: between the more traditional values of Finland and the more progressive values of Helsinki, between materials and technologies. The new museum coexists in harmony with the landscape and with the original museum. The building honors the glory of a very proud past and portends the possibilities of Finland’s very bright future.

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