Santa Monica, CA


AIA Honor Award

LA Architecture Award

Westside Prize

Interior Design Magazine Best of Year Award

Published, Interior Design Magazine

The 6,800 sq.ft. visual effects post-production facility is located within a generic office building in downtown Santa Monica, California. The company is highly regarded for its work in the field of color manipulation in film. With this in mind, the project explores the notion of light as it relates to color. The forms and patterns developed are produced using studies of light. Light is analyzed and modeled three-dimensionally. Frames from the animation are chosen and layered to organize spatial qualities and movement. An organic, sinuous spine weaves its way through the suite. An appendaged soffit grows from the serpentine walls and serves as an armature for cable trays, mechanical and electrical. Grading rooms, Edit bays, Conference rooms, offices, client areas, and support spaces make up the program of the facility.

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