Jinhai Lake, Beijing, China


Exhibited at MOCA Los Angeles

AIA LA Next Award

The Lotus Villa is a custom faceted concrete shell structure nestled into the sloping hillside of Jinhai Lake, Beijing, China. The Villa is reminiscent of traditional Chinese courtyard housing. The 21st century siheyuan consists of a series of outdoor rooms that extend the living space of the 11,000 sq.ft. residence. The courtyards are oriented along the north-south axis. Each courtyard has its own distinct characteristics defined by a unique water element.

The exterior surface of the building envelope sucks in on itself to become the internal volume of the central core. Like the lotus, the structural core rises untainted and strong from the land. The core serves as the internal structural system and the main circulation for the house. Diffused light filters through the structural filigree illuminating all levels.

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