Kaohsiung, Taiwan




The Kaohsiung Marine Cultural & Popular Music Center is first and foremost a symbol of progress, not only for the city, but also for Taiwan. The project will command an international presence attracting venues and promoting new forms of pop-performances. The fusion of the newest multimedia technology with popular music will produce emergent performances.  The facility is designed to allow for optimum flexibility for numerous venues, to allow for the spectacle, to promote the industry, to showcase the creative process and to foster the creation of this emerging art form. Coupled with the pop music component is the integration of the facility to the ocean. The site is located at the confluence of the Love River and the city’s industrial port. At this threshold, new relationships with boating, water sports and water leisure activities are forged. The power of the magnificent site is expressed in the scheme as strands of activity are woven together to integrate the disparate programmatic elements with circulation, landscape and the multiple performance venues.  Technology and nature combine to create a 21st century performance hall complex that is indicative of a proud city and its people

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