Sherman Oaks, CA


AIA Interiors Award

Published, Architectural Digest

Published, Architectural Record

The project consists of a 1200 sq.ft. art gallery beneath an existing post-and-beam structure on a severe hillside site in Los Angeles. The space makes use of the seemingly uninhabitable interstitial space between the underside of the building and the inclined earth. The extension serves as a conduit for the building above to the garden below. The large gesture of the cascading stair connects all the floors of the multi-tiered space and creates a unifying whole. A forced perspective is provided with the grand stair. Perceptions are altered as one descends the stair. The angled wall of the stair transforms into a soffit overhead. The floating form reinforces movement through the space. A contemporary escape, refuge, and oasis is created. Angled walls, multiple floor planes, and manipulated white planes serve as a backdrop for the art collection and the resonance of music.

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