The building bridges programmatic elements, time and cultures. The building extends the urban limits to the waters edge, acting as a filter and allowing circulation through the building to the port. Visual access is maintained to the site from all major view corridors. Energy flows through the site and movement is expressed as a means of connection. Circulation, program, landscape are all seen as interconnected strands of activity woven together to create a network of activity supporting the multiple performance venues.


Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Cultural & Music Center


11.8 hectares




The City of Kaohsiung


Buro Happold Engineers



The architectural expression is driven by the programmatic components of the various performance areas. Acoustics, sustainable strategies and structure all inform the building. Environmental building systems are an integral part of the architecture and are used as a teaching tool for sustainability. Nature and technology combine to serve as inspiration and further drive the performance of the facility. Optimum flexibility is provided to allow for new multimedia technologies and performance venues. Water, marine life, ocean transport and leisure activities are all components integrated into the architecture.

The building will have an iconic presence. The landmark destination will attract pop superstars as well as local and international visitors. The facility will allow for the spectacle and atmosphere that accommodates the cultural phenomena of the pop performance. The technologically advanced, environmentally mindful scheme projects a sophisticated, lively, progressive, and forward thinking vision, catapulting Kaohsiung into the 21st century.

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