Santa Monica, CA

A pair of mixed-use buildings for Santa Monica are situated within close proximity to the expo line. The buildings provide much needed housing and commercial space. The current zoning code is limited and as a result similar building designs are being produced one after the other throughout the city. These buildings, named Broadway and Cloverfield (now under construction) are similar in scale and use but each possess their own defining characteristics. The contrasting entities are used as an opportunity to push the design. The differences in design strategies and material choices set up an interesting dialogue between the two.


Cloverfield is heavy and grounded. Rusticated board formed concrete piers comprise the base with integrated planters along the street. A dark, rich material palette is used, that includes, board formed reinforced concrete, corrugated metal, louvered metal screens and charcoal gray, smooth plaster. The corner of the building is celebrated with a monolithic, sculptural form that marks the intersection giving the building its defining identity. The hovering volume is split and open to the sky.

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